Boys Day Out

Offshore from Oregon Inlet
Inshore from Oregon Inlet
The Fishing Taxi had a great group of guys go fishing with us today. Group of 5 wanted to get into some fish they had never caught before. We trolled south down the edge of Pea Island to the boiler of a sunken 75′ ship that sank in the 1930s. Captain Josh marked a school of bait fish along the bottom on the sea floor around 20′ deep. We passed over and instantly our trolling lines went off. The party reeled in 2 beautiful blue fish so we decided to do figure 8s back and forth across them. We kept catching fish all while a massive rain storm poured over our heads for hours. We ended up catching a total of 6 blue fish there and 8 Spanish mackerel. Towards the end of our 6 hour trip, we trolled to the back side of the bar and just randomly hooked on to a 6′ wide ray. The guys fought him to the stern if the boat before he bite off the line and glided away. They weren’t phased with not landing him. They really enjoyed their 15 minute fight with him. They now had a great fishing story to tell for years to come. All in all with the nasty weather that showed her face, the guys soaking wet to the bone had the time of their lives. Another great party leaving with smiles from ear to ear. From the crew of the Fishing Taxi, may your lines stay tight and your smiles stay bright. We hope to see you soon on the Fishing Taxi.

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