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Doug Sullivan

Wanchese Fishing captain

I am a sixth-generation boat builder from a long line of sea lovers. While most kids were mowing grass for money in the summer, I was being the second mate on my dad’s charter boat. After a while, I could see that you could not fall in love with the ocean too fast because that would take you away from your family, so after my kids were grown and living on their own, I returned to the sea. For the last fifteen years, I’ve been sharing the cockpit of my dad’s boat with all kinds of wonderful parties while my dad was at the wheel. Three years ago, my dad got ill and I had to get my captain’s license to help to take the boat out into the ocean where he would drive while we would troll and I would make the drive in after back to the dock. I still love the ocean and believe every time that I leave the dock that I’m going to set a world record with some type of fish. Whether it’s your first trip or your fiftieth, we want to make your experience aboard the Fishing Taxi one to remember! I can’t promise World Records, but I can promise I will do my best to find fish and let you catch them!

Our Wanchese Fishing Boat

Fishing Taxi

Built by Ray Hunt, Fishing Taxi is a sportfishing boat featuring a flybridge and a huge deck area. The boat also is equipped with fighting chairs and outriggers are installed to make your trip one to remember!

Wanchese Fishing taxi

No Sweat

Please come and join us on our 45 ft Carolina custom and see if you can handle battling the Gulf stream sea beast.

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