The Bite Before the Storm

Inshore from Oregon Inlet
The Fishing Taxi had 2 great parties today with the first a party of 5 having a 6 hour trip. They decided they didn’t want to fish for any small fish. They asked me if we could go out for tile fish at first or amberjack. I told them that required an 8 hour trip and many more miles out to see. They settled on trying to fish for king mackerel. We headed out the bar at 120° going out to the depth of 110 foot or roughly 7 miles. We trolled for hours all while fighting a crazy wind storm to churned up the seas to 6-7 foot waves. When I say we were rocking and rolling, I mean I was at the helm on the bridge and could almost touch the water with my hand as the boat rocked back and forth uo and down. After a long fight with keeping the boat safe and on too of the water, we talked to the party and informed them we had to go back towards land. St that point we were roughly 10 miles offshore with no sights if fish biting. We can in about 5 Mike’s and the winds died down completely and the waters flattened out. We found a beautiful tide line and trolled the grass line. He got our first bite and landed a good sized Spanish mackerel. As we proceeded to keep trolling, I informed first mate Jacob Hazelwood to climb the tower and look for cobia. He instantly saw one and threw a bucktail at it. At first the cobia didn’t budge, but with his patience and knowledge of fishing, he held still for just the right moment and the legal sized cobia quickly attacked. When I say I never seen a grown man so excited and jumping around about hooking a fish so bad, Jake was jumping and hollering with excitement. He handed down the pole to me which in turn handed it to him down below as if he jumped 20 feet off the tower to the cockpit. He quickly set the hook and handed the pole to a member of the party. As he fought the co is and it closes in on the stern if the boat, Jake was there gaf in hand ready to pull him over the washboard. Unfortunately, the cobia shook free and swam away but the experience and excitement of the moment made all the difference for not being able to land him. The party was still very pleased with their trip out. The second party was a family of 4. The father and daughter were so excited to go fishing in the Atlantic. We steamed down to the boiler where we threw in our trolling lines and instantly started catching fish. The mother and son weren’t so thrilled to go fishing but still enjoyed their dads excitement and love of fishing. We trolled anywhere from 17′ deep to 65′ deep and caught some of the biggest Spanish of the year. They dad reeled in all but 5 of the 30 caught. We ended up keeping 20 Spanish mackerel total. A few were over 24″ long and 5-6lbs. They had an experience like no other. All in all today was a great day for fishing and pleasing our customers. We couldn’t have been more excited for the enjoyment. From the crew of the Fishing Taxi, may your lines stay tight and smiles stay bright. We hope to see you soon with us on the Fishing Taxi.

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